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A scriptpack developed by the users to the users of SphereServer Community. The project itself is supported by the SphereServer Developers. This scriptpack contains, along with the basic files included in the default script pack, a lot of new configurable systems that everyone wants to use on their servers and provides server administrators a new base to create their own world using a predefined and customizable script pack.

Most of the systems and scripts contained in this pack can be found on the forums, though, most of them won't be compatible each other and the steps to follow when installing them may be a little difficult to a novice scripter. This doesn't happen here, the SphereCommunityPack is a drag and drop package, you just have to set a few things in the .ini file and you're done.

Too much chit-chat, real features:
  • Full-Featured Combat System (UO:R, AOS, Custom)
  • Totally Scripted Item Magic Properties
  • OSI Crafting System (Script Generator included)
  • Champions System
  • Farming System
  • Quest System
  • +30 Totally Rescripted Skills!!
  • Rescripting EVERY Armor and Weapon!
  • Other things included: OSI Guilds, Followers, House and Vendor Systems, Jail Sys, etc.
If you want to contribute, visit our forums.

Download Lastest Friday Nightly (25/05/2010 16:58 p.m. ) - r276
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